domingo, 13 de julho de 2008

Andre Sachs

Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, arranger. André was born in São Paulo, Brazil moved to Rio at 9, when he started playing guitar and toying with computers, at 13 moved to New York state, where he took up the Electric guitar, which is still his main instrument and started to work with electronic music using synths and drum machines, as the MIDI revolution was just starting.

In the US, he played in many Big Bands and also played Orchestral Percussion in Concert Band and Orchestra. Back in Brasil,André studied with Léo Soares, Victor Biglione, Lula Galvão, Rômulo Thompsom e Luis Carlos Csecko, and also at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music.

André has played with Paulo Moura, Laudir de Oliveira, Tony Garrido, Ricardo Barreto, Antônio Pedro Fortuna, Márcia Bulcão (ex-Blitz now Djambo trio), Sigilo, RUA2, Os Devas, Luiz Bertoni,Jorge Pescara, Nabby Clifford, João Teimoso, Bia Pontes, Xina,Orquestra Maunde (with Márcia Bulcao, Ricardo Barreto, Nelson Meirelles e Mamour Bá) Calango´s Groove, IMA, ORUM , Abel Duerê, Sérgio Zola and many more...

He also produced a series of new Brazilian indie bands like Limusine Negra, Taturana Blues band, IMA, ORUM, Ozimoraes (featuring Erasmo Carlos in a cameo appearance), O Brau, Nabby Clifford, African (congo/angola) music in Kiesse and African Praise, Calangos Groove, singer/songwriter Xina, Quitinetes de Copacabana among others.

He has specialized himself in Movie and TV Soundtracks (Brazil and International alike) as well as producing records, having done many cd's dvd's , 5 long feature films and over 40 short films soundtracks as well as TV soundtracks such as "Florisbela 2" and many commercials, some of which are still going around the world .

He's currently working and producing with Clarinet virtuoso/maestro Paulo Moura on a new Paulo Moura record , starting work Bia Pontes' new recordings

quite a few of his songs being recorded by other artists including the hit song "Meu Bem"(Sachs/Impaléa/Borges) recorded by brazilian reggae band "Iriê".


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