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Conheça nossa Página no Reverbnation e escute algumas músicas do CD “Paulo Moura & André Sachs–Fruto Maduro”

Paulo Moura & André Sachs – Fruto Maduro – Créditos

Master Clarinetist Paulo Moura teams up with producer/multi-intrumentalist André "taturana" Sachs and master percussionist Laudir de Oliveira with the help of some of the best musicians in Brazil! Really Special!"
— taturana.com

Paulo Moura - Clarinet
André Sachs - Guitars, Guitar Synth, Samplers, Piano in “Andina” Bass in "Trem do Moura" and "Mulatas" , Keyboards in “Coquetel”,”Obstinado”, “Trem do Moura”,”Chroma 2”
Laudir de Oliveira - Percussion in all songs except "Mignone" and "Andina"
César Conti - Drums on "Obstinado", "Caravan", "Mantenha o Groove" and "Coquetel"
Jovi Joviniano - Pandeiro em "Caravan", "Mulatas" e Pandeiro e Percussão em "Obstinado"
Cliff Korman - Piano on "Mulatas", "Caravan", ""Coquetel","Obstinado"
Jorge Pescara - Pescara Bass in "Obstinado' ", Acoustic Bass on "Chroma 2"
Benjamin "BJ" Bentes - Bass in "Mulatas" and "Caravan"
Benita Michahelles - Additional Keyboards "Chroma 2"
Ricardo "Magoo" Drummond - Hammond Organ on "Trem do Moura" and "Mantenha o Groove"
Alex Meirelles - Clavinet e Rhodes em "Obstinado", "Macunaima" and "Trem do Moura"
José Carlos "Bigorna" Ramos - All Saxes and Flutes on "Obstinado" and "Mantenha o Groove"
José Arimatea - Flugelhorn and Trumpet on "Mantenha o Groove", "Caravan", "Mulatas"
Greg Wilson - Acoustic Guitar on "Mantenha o Groove"
Luiz Bertoni - Drums on "Trem do Moura"
Paulinho Black - Drums on "Macunaima" and "Mulatas"
Andrea Ernest Dias- Flutes on "Andina" and "Trem do Moura"
Daniela Spielmann - Tenor Sax and Alto Sax on "Trem do Moura", Macunaima and "Coquetel", Flutes on "Coquetel"
Marlon Sette- Trombone on "Caravan", "Mulatas", "Mantenha o Groove" e "Obstinado"
Rodrigo Munhoz - Tenor Sax on "Mulatas" and "Caravan"
Rodrigo Sha - Baritone Sax on "Mulatas" and "Trem do Moura"
Nema Antunes - Bass on "Macunaima"and "Coquetel"
Gabriel Grossi - Harmonica on "Caravan" and "Trem do Moura"
Lui Coimbra- Cello on "Chroma 2" and "Caravan"
Bidú Cordeiro - Trombone Baixo on "Caravan" , "Mantenha o Groove" and "Obstinado"
Humberto Araujo - Sax Alto on "Caravan ,Sax Alto, Flute and Piccolo on "Macunaima"
Reyson Huguenin- Didgeridoo on "Obstinado"

Produced by André Sachs
Musical Direction by Paulo Moura
Rhytmic Direction by Laudir de Oliveira
Recorded and Mixed @ studio.taturana.com by André Sachs
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain Mastering

Currently the CD is available only as part of the book "Paulo Moura - Um Solo Brasileiro" which can be purchased from this link

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